Angel & Dru

New Icon Community!

Hello to all the people who are still on my friend's list! I haven't made icons or updated this journal for a very long time (46 weeks to be exact). Anyway, I got my photoshop back and I have quite a bit of free time at the moment, so I'm back with icons! I've started a new community and I'll be posting my icons in there using my personal journal (suspicion_bells).

So if you're interested, feel free to join!

Angel & Dru


Is it a bad idea to dry clothes in the microwave..? lol

I'm going out in about an hour and I just realised Ella has no clean pants and I desperately need to get her jeans dry as quick as possible (I don't have a clothes drier) Any suggestions?
David Bowie


Hi everyone!

I have just made a community, laby_stillness. It's an icon challenge community for the movie Labyrinth (which I know loads of you here love!) So everyone please join so I can start the challenges! Even if you don't know how to make icons, I still need people for voting, so everyone join join join!! =) And tell all your friends to join too! And tell your friends to tell their friends!